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Get ready for a continuous flow of positive, upbeat energy.  We call it THE HUGGABLE WAY. Four key principles that nurture and fuel the innate spirit of:
  •  Creativity
  •  Caring
  •  Initiative
  •  Enthusiasm
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One of Canada’s Greatest Small Business Success Stories
Canada's Huggable Car Dealer originates from the small town of Fredericton NB,  in the most unlikely category you can imagine. Jim and Dawna Gilbert defied conventional wisdom, rejected the stereotypes of their category and became world-famous from the middle of nowhere Canada. Founders of a small, family-owned business, they have become undisputed leaders in their industry.

Jim Gilbert’s Wheels & Deals has emerged as the #1 Independent Used Car Dealer in Atlantic Canada. They have achieved phenomenal growth and demonstrated how anyone can take on the Big Boys and win.

Some of the many accomplishments at Canada's Huggable Car Dealer include: 
  •  Substantial business growth of more than 20x over a 5-year period.
  •  Emerging as the only dealership of its kind in the world.
  •  Capturing numerous business awards and international recognition.
  •  Being profiled in at least half a dozen business books and too many articles to count.
Jim & Dawna Gilbert, Canada's Huggable Car Dealer and Co-Founders of Huggable University
When Fuel & Fire First Met
Gair Maxwell and Jim Gilbert first crossed paths at a small town chamber of commerce event in 2002 and never in their wildest dreams would they have imagined the staggering impact and business growth that has resulted from their partnership and friendship. Together, they represent a combined 60+ years and hundreds of thousands of hours of business experience to arrive at the ideas they are now sharing with companies just like yours all over the world. 

Gair is a frequent-flying Author, Speaker and Business Strategist who speaks worldwide, inspiring CEO’s, entrepreneurs, small business owners and their people to create companies and brands that outshine their competition.  His original, market-tested ideas have inspired companies such as  “Canada’s Huggable Car Dealer” to achieve 15-20X Growth while creating a Category of One. 

He has also worked with some of the world’s best, including Apple Specialist Marketing Group, Mitsubishi, the Irving Group and many others; shared speaking stages with icons such as Richard Branson & Gene Simmons and named “Speaker of the Year” by TEC Canada, the country’s largest CEO organization.

Over the course of a decade, Gair realized many other companies were inspired by the unlikely success story from the used car dealer who dared to be different. He also identified the common, universal patterns of success that the entire team at Jim Gilbert’s Wheels & Deals were using to attract attention and scores of repeat customers who looked forward to return visits.
“Every company could benefit from this approach to business,” Gair thought. So he and Jim made a decision in 2016 to start sharing four key principles that form the foundation for THE HUGGABLE WAY and the training solutions they now reveal each month with a growing number of teams worldwide.
Gair Maxwell, Author, Speaker and Co-Founder of Huggable University
HUGGABLE UNIVERSITY helps organizations THRIVE in 4 key areas: 
Become A Category of One

Think of HUGGABLE UNIVERSITY as the practical vehicle to share this philosophy, allowing you to market from the inside out and establish your brand as an undisputed “Category of One”.
When business consultant and professional speaker Gair Maxwell first bumped into Jim & Dawna Gilbert in 2002, he discovered something much more remarkable than any other used-car lot he had ever seen.  With their unbridled dedication to all out service demonstrated by hundreds of homemade birthday cards to each and every customer, the Gilberts were in a class of their own.  But, it wasn’t until 2006 when the moniker “Canada’s Huggable Car Dealer” was adopted that the corner-lot business really began to grow by leaps and bounds. 

More than just another tagline,  the Huggable narrative served as the poetic expression of an undeniable and timeless truth that inspired a renewed spirit of caring from within the company.  With the business now sitting on “Five Acres of Fabulous”, Jim Gilbert’s Wheels & Deals has been recognized for more than a decade as being substantially different from any one of its numerous competitors.  

After more than a decade of studying how this approach creates both brand awareness and a highly engaged team,  Gair & Jim thought it was time to share these insights with business owners all over the world who are anxious to create a much higher level of Differentiation and Relevance through the power of Story. 

Be Bold. Be Different. Be Thought Provoking.
 Disrupt conventional wisdom. 

A message from Jim Gilbert & Gair Maxwell 
Seeing is Believing: Here's what Melissa had to say.

HUGGABLE UNIVERSITY  'Super 6'  Keys To Success
HUGGABLE UNIVERSITY has been designed to respond in real-time to real market conditions. 
Here's how you and your team can implement HUGGABLE UNIVERSITY:
HUGGABLE UNIVERSITY releases a new video-based session on the first Wednesday of each month. 
The sessions are subdivided into 3 segments that offer about 15-20 minutes of content. Each monthly session speaks to an overall theme; the segments support that theme, however they are broken down in such a way that you and your team have the option of how you want to digest the material. Some companies are finding that the 15-20 minute segments are ideal for staff meetings to begin a new week, without any interruption to internal operations.   

HUGGABLE UNIVERSITY includes easy-to-follow downloadable workbooks. 
Any business owner, manager or supervisor can use the material to facilitate the learning process, promote discussion, generate original ideas and decide on the action steps that need to be taken.  

An invitation-only private Facebook group has been created for HUGGABLE UNIVERSITY. 
Gair Maxwell and Jim Gilbert supply bonus material and host Q&A sessions on Facebook LIVE.  

HUGGABLE UNIVERSITY provides the essential tools you need to Boost Your Culture & Brand. 
We’ve learned that there are no traffic jams on the extra mile, but we’ve also learned that there are faster and more efficient ways to address vital cultural and marketing issues inside any growth-oriented organization. 

HUGGABLE UNIVERSITY helps create more connection. 
The result? Caring teams, better communication, heartfelt customer service and a one-of-a-kind reputation that spreads on its own. And business results that may astonish you!

An Exclusive Membership
  • Each month you and your team get access to a NEW session. 
  • Access to archived sessions.
  •  Mid-month you and your team can attend a 30 minute Facebook LIVE Q&A with Gair Maxwell and Jim Gilbert. 
  •  Each session has a downloadable Huggable Action Workbook. 
  •  A secure membership site with your private username/password. 
  •  Join our Private Huggable Facebook Community.
  •  Gair & Jim's personal emails to ask questions and share ideas.
  •  Cancel at anytime. 
Be Bold. Be Different. Be Thought Provoking.

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